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Guaranteed Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet Cleaning GuaranteeGuaranteed Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

Guaranteed carpet stain removal is not always as straight forward as is sounds.  Successful stain removal depends on many factors such as the type of stain, the type of carpet fibre, how old the stain is.  Also, what attempts have already been made to remove the stain and what was used.  No carpet cleaner can guarantee to remove all stains as some stains are permanent.  Permanent stains require the services of a carpet restoration specialist rather than a carpet cleaner.  A restoration specialist will be able to advise on the best way to repair your carpet when all else has failed.  They may recommend re dying or patching to remove the stain.  At Black Gold, we are so confident of our service and results, we can offer guaranteed carpet stain removal for our Melbourne customers.  What this means is, that while we do not guarantee we can remove every stain, every time, we do guarantee to give you the best advice and service possible.

guaranteed stain removal

Our Guarantee To you

We usually are successful in the removal of stains such as blood, wine, urine, coffee, ink, soft drink, rust, etc. when we are the first ones to treat the stain.  These types of stains do require specialised stain treatments and therefore, there is an additional charge for this type of stain removal.  We will always inspect these types of stains and discuss with you the cost and expected outcome before we proceed.  If we indicate that we can remove the stain, however fail to do so, then we do not charge you. Simply put – stain not removed as promised = no fee. This is our guaranteed carpet stain removal and our promise to you.

Guarantee for carpet cleaning Are there any extra charges?

We do not charge extra to remove spots and marks left by everyday foot traffic and most clear liquid spills. Usually these marks will come off with standard steam cleaning.

If carpet is heavily soiled then we do not recommend dry cleaning. Instead we add an extra step to the steam cleaning process and use rotary agitation to loosen the dirt.  We do charge an additional fee, for heavily soiled carpets.

Carpet cleaning guarantee

Complete Stain Removal?

In some instances It is not possible to remove a stain completely.  Especially, when the stain has been left for a long time or been treated with generic cleaning products and detergents. However we will discuss this with you before cleaning.  Usually we can at least lighten these stains and make them much less noticeable.


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