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Carpet Stain Removal Melbourne

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne helps remove dust mites and prevents allergies.

Nothing better than breakfast in bed, that is until the kids jump in with you and spill your coffee everywhere!  This Melbourne mother was enjoying here once a year Mother’s Day treat until this happened.

Luckily we were able to remove this coffee stain and put a smile back on her face – even helped get the kids off the hook too! So everyone was happy!

Mattresses can be a cosy home for all sorts of critters so it is really important to make sure you vacuum your mattress regularly to remove dust mites and other matter that they feed on.  Mattress steam cleaning is the best way to remove dust and allergens.

Black Gold Carpet Cleaning Melbourne will steam clean your mattress and, treat and remove strains.  We also now use amazing natural organic products for their strong natural anti bacterial properties as well as beautiful sleep inducing scents!

Please visit this page for more information about our Rug Cleaning Melbourne Service.  Or you can call us on 0403 25 080.

Mattress cleaning Melbourne