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Carpet Cleaning In Bentleigh
Bentleigh Carpet Cleaning: All’s well that ends well!

Bentleigh Carpet Cleaning: All’s well that ends well!

A funny thing happened at work the other day…..

Bentleigh Carpet Cleaning: The Booking

Last week I took a booking for Bentleigh carpet cleaning. Let’s just call the Bentleigh customer “Cathy” to avoid any embarrassment! Cathy, lives in a 3 story townhouse, in Bentleigh and wanted us to clean the carpet in 2 bedrooms, a small hallway and 2 flights of stairs. One bedroom upstairs had a “few” puppy stains, she said. A quote was given, accepted and booking for Bentleigh carpet cleaning, was confirmed. Nothing unusual so far……

 The Job

When I arrived at Cathy’s address in Bentleigh for carpet cleaning, I did a pre inspection with Cathy, looking at the areas to be cleaned, before I moved any of my equipment inside. WBentleigh Carpet Cleaning servicehen doing this pre Bentleigh Carpet Cleaning inspection, I explained to Cathy that the bedroom with a “few” puppy stains was actually covered in puppy stains and the whole area would have to be treated, rather than the few spots I quoted on. While the cost was something I was happy to discount for her, I was concerned that the stains had been there for quite sometime and she had tried to remove some of them herself. I explained, to her, there was no guarantee that they would all be removed 100% but I was sure I could make them look better, as I had done previously for many other happy Melbourne carpet cleaning customers.

At this point Cathy became quite annoyed and said that if I couldn’t remove the stains 100% then I should leave! Realising this job was going to be a difficult one and not wanting to upset Cathy any further, I quickly made my apologies for the time taken, informed her there would be no call out fee charged and the decision was hers if I stayed or left. She said she would get someone else, so I said goodbye and headed off to my next job. No harm done.

The Surprise

Bentleigh-Carpet-Cleaning-Surprise1-150x150Later that day, I received a phone call from a customer who needed carpet cleaning. This customer explained to me that some “fool with a bad attitude”, had come out to clean her carpets and left refusing to do the job! I am always shocked when I hear these stories about rogue carpet cleaners! I assured her I was happy to find a time to come and clean her carpets, however as she started describing the job to me over the phone, it all started to sound very familiar! Yep, you guessed it, it was Cathy from Bentleigh! She hadn’t realised she was talking to the very ‘”fool with a bad attitude” who had been at her place in Bentleigh for carpet cleaning, earlier in the day!

I thought I would have a bit of fun with her and asked how she found me. Cathy told me she had asked her friends on Facebook and several of them were past customers, so I came very highly recommended and she didn’t want just any Bentleigh carpet cleaner, she wanted me! By this time I couldn’t contain myself any longer and I told her that I was happy to arrange a booking for her, but there was just one problem…..”I am that fool with a bad attitude who came to your place this morning!”

The Happy Ending

Bentleigh Carpet Cleaning“Hello, hello, Cathy are you still there…?” The line had gone silent, then the apologies started….to cut a long story short we both ended up having a bit of a laugh about what had happened. Cathy was embarrassed, but I told her not to worry I could see the funny side and would happily come back another day. I did go back a week or so later and managed to get almost all of the stains out and Cathy was very happy and now is a customer for life! Cathy even logged back onto Facebook later that day and relayed the whole story to her friends who all had a good laugh and are were very impressed by the outcome and her recommendation of me, even after all that had happened. Sometimes the worst customers can become your best customers, it just depends on your attitude!

If you want a carpet cleaner who has the right attitude, then call Black Gold Carpet Cleaning on 0403 254 080!

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How to deal with VOCs in carpet

Why you should be aware of VOCs in carpet and how to deal with them.

Ahhh… love the smell of VOCs in carpet in the morning – said no one ever!

VOCs in carpetWhat are VOCs in Carpet? If you have ever bought a brand new, off the factory floor, never been owned before, car; then you will be familiar with that “new car smell”.  Many people love this smell, there are even car deodourisers called “new car smell”!  The same however, cannot be said for that “new carpet smell”.  If you have ever had carpets installed in your home or office then you have probably experienced the “toxic” fumes otherwise known as VOCs  that can be hazardous to your health. What causes the fumes and how can you minimise the impact on the health of you and your family? How do you deal with VOCs in carpet?


What are VOCs and why are they in my new carpet?

VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds (chemical contaminants made up mainly of carbon and hydrogen) and are found in almost all manufactured products, including soft furnishings, cosmetics, clothing, plastic bottles, paint and other building materials, cars and clothing, just to name a few.  At room temperature, these VOCs are released into the environment in the form of gas which evaporates into the air – this process is sometimes called off-gassing. In the case of synthetic carpets, most but not all of these VOCs are destroyed in the manufacturing process, as the carpet is “baked” at 150-170c in a finishing oven. Carpet is, therefore, the lowest emitter of VOCs of most common flooring options. When you install new carpet in your home however, there will still be some low level VOC emissions for a few days, especially when you add in the VOCs from the underlay and adhesives used in the installation process.

Are VOCs in carpet dangerous?

While there is no conclusive evidence that exposure to VOCs causes long term health issues, there is plenty of evidence pointing towards, short term effects experienced by people exposed to high levels of VOCs.  These short term effects include, head aches, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, skin and throat irritations and so on.  These effects vary depending on the type of chemicals, the concentration level of the VOCs and how long the person is exposed to them. A person’s age, gender, general health condition and exposure to other chemicals can all play a role determining the effects VOCs have on their health.  People who experience asthma or other respiratory conditions or are particular sensitive to chemicals, should try to avoid exposure to VOCs.

Studies involving mice, have shown that long term exposure to high levels of VOCs can increase the risk of cancer, liver and kidney disease in animals and is thought to also affect humans in the same way.  However there is not a lot of information on the long term health effects of low level household exposure from VOCs in carpet.

Scientists at organisations such as the EPA are still researching what are the specific chemicals released by carpets and whether or not they are dangerous for the average person.  Generally the VOCs in carpets are low level and any short term effects go away once the person stops being exposed to the VOCs.  However, until more is known about the impact on our health, the EPA recommends exposure to VOCs is kept at a minimum.

VOCs in Carpet AustraliaHas the Australian Government set standards for VOCs in carpets?

There are no specific regulations set for VOCs in carpets or even general indoor air quality by the Australian Government, except for regulations on some specific substances in the workplace. There is no single Australian Government authority to oversee indoor air quality in Australia as it would be difficult to regulate and enforce set standards in private homes. Individual state authorities and organisations, however are able to offer recommendations and guidelines based on information and research into air pollutants and their impact on our health. The Australian Carpet Institute is one such organisation, setting standards for carpet chemical emissions and carpet labeling.  The Green Building Council of Australia is another organisation who sets standards and rating systems for low VOC emissions in building materials.

How can I minimise the health risks of VOCs in carpet? Vocs in carpet green cleaning

To minimise the risks from VOCs in carpet, it is important to ensure good ventilation when using or installing products and materials which emit VOCs.  Ventilation means bringing in air from outside to mix with the indoor air and can be as simple as opening lots of windows.

  • New carpet can emit VOCs in low levels, for several days after being installed, so it is worth asking your carpet supplier or installer if the carpet can be left unrolled for a few days at their warehouse before installation. This will allow some of the VOCs time to disappate before bringing the carpet into your home.
  • It is also important to run your ventilation system for at least 72 hours after carpet installation.
  • Where possible, open the windows and position fans next to the windows to blow in the fresh air.
  • Close the doors to the areas with new carpet and try to stay out of those rooms for a few days.
  • It could even be a good time to take a short holiday!

The Australian Carpet Institute, has developed a standard for carpet with low VOC emissions, called the Green Label Plus.  These “green” carpets have lower VOC emissions than other synthetic carpets and are definitely worth considering.  However you should make sure the underlay and adhesive used by the carpet installer are also “green” and have low VOC emissions, as often the glue can emit more VOCs than the carpet!  Natural fibres such as wool and cotton with backing made from Jute or other grassy fibres are usually much longer lasting, and  lower in VOCs than carpets made from synthetic fibres such as nylon or olefin which are usually backed with potentially harmful PVC plastic.

How do I maintain my new carpet and keep it VOC free?

Once you have installed your new carpet and aired out the rooms so there are no more VOC emissions, you need to ensure you vacuum your carpet regularly with a vacuum cleaner that has a filter and good, strong suction.  Carpet is a great filter itself, as it traps VOCs, from other sources, as well as dirt and dust.  However things like, poorly filtered vacuum cleaners or the kids playing on the carpet, cause agitation and the VOCs and dust can become air born again.  It is important, therefore, to remove them with regular, well filtered, vacuum cleaning.  The Australian Carpet Institute of also recommends hot water extraction using low emission VOC cleaning agents as the best method of cleaning carpets.  Hot water extraction (often referred to as steam cleaning) uses heat and water to wash the carpet fibres and strong suction (extraction)  the remove the VOCs and dirt.VOCs in carpet after carpet cleaning Melbourne

For more information on cleaning and maintaining your new carpet, please contact Black Gold Carpet Cleaning on 0403 254 080